Believe You Can Change

Is there something that you want to have in life?

Have you figured out how to maximize your chances of getting it?

Would you need to change some aspects of yourself in order to maximize your chances?

Believe you can change.  Believe it.

Like I have mentioned in earlier posts, our Asian upbringing makes us risk-averting, and afraid, no, terrified, of failure.  But sometimes, in order to change yourself, so that you can improve your chances of getting what you desire in life, you must experience failure.  No, not all of us are born with “Level: Asian” at everything.

Every, single, time, when I do self-reflecting, I realize that it always comes back to this.  Our mentality is what holds us back, ultimately, and always.

We are just so afraid of failure, and of the unknown, or uncomfortable.  It always just seems so much easier to choose what we are currently good at, instead of going through the struggles to become good at something else.

I stumbled upon this blog post by the now-deceased Aaron Swartz (if you don’t know who Aaron Swartz is, click on his name), and it’s absolutely spot-on: Believe You Can Change

Read it, and make it your mantra.  Have the growth mindset instead of the fixed mindset.

Be a better Asian brother, kill it in life.  I am working on it too.

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  1. Great post! For so long I have been afraid to fail, but realizing that it’s all just part of learning and the start to being good at something. It’s also important not to be put all your weight on what other people say

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